It struck me one recent evening out of no where. Quite frankly, it’s scary and slightly embarrassing that it didn’t strike earlier.

For years I have been eating soy burgers and other soy products as a replacement for meat.

But, suddenly, all the pieces fell together from my reading and research. I immediately ran to the garbage can and dug around (sometimes realizations aren’t pretty) for the empty package of MorningStar Crumbles, a soy substitute for ground beef — discarded after eating tacos that night. I knew the Crumbles weren’t organic, but I desperately searched the label for “non-GMO,” “no genetically engineered ingredients,” “GMO free,” anything or something to let me know that I wasn’t eating industrial Monsanto soy as a substitute for CAFO meat. The label gave no such assurances.

With no GMO indication on the label, and with the knowledge that 90% of the soybean crop in the United States is Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready variety, I had the horrible sinking feeling that I had just consumed Roundup Ready Tacos. Perhaps you can just spray me with Glyphosate.

It really angers me that these companies are so deceitful. The reason I am purchasing a “meat substitute” in the first place is because of the environmental, ecological, and health implications of CAFO meat. Why would I want to trade one evil for another?!? For several years, my family and I have been consuming these products, thinking we were doing something good for ourselves and good for the earth. To find we have been consuming large quantities of Monsanto’s science experiments saddens me.

Just to make sure my sinking feeling was correct I did a few searches online. I’ll save you the time. If you want a meat substitute, let’s say a veggie burger, these are your options for ensuring you are not eating RoundUp Ready Burgers:

1. Buy Organic. Certified Organic foods should not contain genetically modified ingredients.

2. If you don’t buy Organic, stay away from processed foods containing soybeans, corn, canola, or cotton (cottonseed oil). These are the largest genetically modified crops. Keep in mind that many, if not most, food additives are derived from soybeans and corn.

3. Make your own veggie burgers using your own carefully selected ingredients.

After my realization, I submitted a comment on the MorningStar website; I told them I was not going to buy another MorningStar product until the entire line is made without genetically modified ingredients.

Since then, I’ve made black bean burgers and I’ve bought veggie burgers from two different Organic brands: Amy’s and Sunshine Burgers. The black bean burgers were delicious, although they did not stick together at all. I will continue to work on that recipe. The Amy’s burgers and Sunshine Burgers are convenient and tasty; I recommend trying either.

As for tacos, I’ve always enjoyed beans more than the Crumbles anyway. Back to beans for me!


RoundUp Ready Tacos
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  • July 10, 2013 at 9:58 am

    i don’t know if you realized this, but morningstar farms was purchased a while ago by kellogg. any semblance of anything good for you about them went away with the purchase. that letter you sent is falling on deaf ears. kellogg is all about processed food and gmo and high fructose corn syrup (also gmo), etc…

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