My interest in food choices began in 2002 as the result of an impulse purchase. The book “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser, with its fun title and its glossy red cover depicting golden crisp French fries intrigued me. Within the first few chapters, it became the most influential book I have ever read; I was shocked and couldn’t put the book down. The book was my first glimpse into our modern food industry and permanently changed the way I evaluate food choices. Since then, reading and learning about the food industry has become my passion.

Writings from other authors of this genre, including Michael Pollan, Barbara Kingsolver, Marion Nestle, John Robbins, and Jane Goodall, have continued to transform what I eat, what I value, and how I shop for food. The authors of these books are amazingly all on the same page.  Although they each come from different backgrounds, educations, generations, and careers, their research and recommendations are quite consistent with each other.  We need radical change in our food industry, from seed to shelf, from cattle farm to deli counter.

When I’m not reading about industrial agriculture and the food industry or blogging on Aisle of Confusion, I am, like most folks, either at work or spending time with friends and family.  I live in the Pacific Northwest, just outside of Seattle. In keeping with my passion, I also enjoy cooking and, of course, eating great food. My other hobbies include running, cycling, hiking, beer brewing, and wine tasting. I think I make good food choices, but I certainly have some notable exceptions and indiscretions!  But I take what I know and I try to do my best.

My mom, Rusty, will be a contributing author to Aisle of Confusion. Rusty will add breadth and depth of knowledge to Aisle of Confusion that might otherwise be lacking. From her Bachelor of Science in Agronomy degree in the 1970s to her just-completed (2010) Master in Environmental Studies, agriculture in America has taken many starteling turns. Rusty’s background and education provide unique perspective on the evolution of agriculture in the United States. I’m excited for her contributions to Aisle of Confusion.

Additionally, Rusty is an experienced beekeeper. It is impossible to separate her passion, beekeeping, from any discussion of food and the food industry. Humans rely on pollinators for the vast majority of our food varieties, including fruits and vegetables, beans, coffee, and nuts. However, honey bees are threatened by a disaster known as Colony Collapse Disorder. A threat to honey bees is consequently a threat to human health and vitality. I encourage you to visit Rusty’s blog at to learn more about the plight of the honey bees and how to help.


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  • April 2, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    I found your site after searching tillamook and gmo. Glad to see this and rummaged around in your links references and posts. Have you heard of Cornucopia? I did not find it referenced. Please take a look at our work. I am the board president.

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